Renewal Cycle: 4 Years
Renewal Deadline: Anniversary of initial licensure

CE Requirement: 36 hours
Required Courses: 3 hours Georgia License Law

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Note: If your license number is less than 100,000 you are NOT required to complete continuing education


What are my Georgia real estate continuing education requirements?

Salespersons and Brokers in Georgia must complete 36 hours of continuing education each four-year license cycle. 3 of the 36 hours must be in Georgia License Law.

How often must I renew my Georgia real estate license?

Georgia real estate licenses must be renewed every four years.

When do I need to renew my Georgia real estate license?

Real estate professionals are required to renew their real estate license no later than midnight of the renewal due date to avoid lapsing and incurring a late fee. The renewal period is open to licensees 120 days prior to their renewal date.

How do I renew my Georgia real estate license?

You can renew your license 24 hours a day, seven days a week, up to 120 days prior to the renewal date. You must renew by midnight of your renewal due date to avoid lapsing and incurring a late fee. You will need a password to renew online.

How much does it cost to renew my Georgia real estate license?

$125 | Salesperson, Associate Broker or Broker
There is a $25 discount for using the online renewal.

I missed the due date for my Georgia real estate license renewal, can I still renew?

If you missed the license renewal date, your license is considered lapsed and you will need to reinstate the license. You will be able to reinstate your license online; a late fee will be charged.

Prior to reinstating a license online, each licensee must submit a “secure and verifiable document” for identification purposes and a “notarized affidavit” as detailed in the Lawful Presence Verification form, if not already on file with GREC.

Please allow five business days from the submission of your information for GREC to notate your license record so that you will be able to reinstate online.

Your license will be reinstated to an active status only if:

  • It is less than 30 days past due
  • Your license was in an active status prior to the renewal date
  • All required CE credits have been completed and posted to your record

In all other situations, your license will be reinstated to an inactive status. If you are reinstated to an inactive status, all required CE credits must be completed and posted to your record before you can hold an active license. To change your license status from inactive to active, please submit a Change Application.

If your license has lapsed for more than one year, you will NOT be able to reinstate your license online. You will need to use a Reinstatement Application and a late fee will be charged. After the commission processes your application, a new wall license and pocket card will be mailed to you within two business days.

Do I have to complete any continuing education if my Georgia real estate license is inactive?

No. However, Georgia law requires that any licensee with a license on inactive status for more than two years complete six hours of education for every year the license was inactive prior to returning to active status. Courses must be taken no more than one year prior to the date of the reactivation of the license.

Does Georgia have reciprocity with other states?

If you are currently licensed in another state, or if you have ever held a real estate license in another state or jurisdiction, you may be eligible to obtain a Georgia license without taking the examination. You must:

  • Have passed a state-administered examination for the type of license you seek in Georgia, and
  • Currently, hold a license that is in good standing and not lapsed or expired


How do I obtain a Georgia real estate license?

Real Estate Salesperson Requirements

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants may take the salesperson’s examination at age 17, but cannot activate the license until they are 18.
  • Must be a high school graduate or the holder of a certificate of equivalency.
  • Must meet ONE of the following Real Estate Education Requirements:
    • Successfully complete the required 75-hour Salesperson Prelicense Course
    • Successfully complete a minimum of 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of either course work eligible for a major in real estate from a U.S. or Canadian accredited college or university or course in real property, agency, or contracts from a U.S. or Canadian accredited school of law. You must submit to AMP (testing company) an official transcript acceptable. AMP will notify you as to whether your coursework is acceptable
    • Provide proof of completion of at least 75 hours of prelicense course work approved by the real estate regulatory agency of another state or province of Canada. You must obtain a letter from that agency that verifies that the course work is approved in that state or province.

Step 2: Pass the Exam and Pay the Licensing Fee

  • Pass the Examination administered by AMP and approved by the Commission. The examination fee is $115. Persons applying for a salesperson’s license must apply within 12 months of the date they took the examination. After 12 months have passed, they must retake the examination.
  • Pay the appropriate licensing fee as described below:
    • If you are applying within 3 months from taking your exam, the fee will be $170
    • If you are applying more than 3 months but less than 12 months from taking your exam, the fee will be $340

This amount covers all fees due for the first four years of licensure.

Step 3: Activate Your License/Place on Inactive Status

  • Any individual who successfully passes the salesperson licensing examination may apply to place his or her license on inactive status rather than activating it with a broker. Licensees with an inactive status are still required to pay the renewal fees as they are due.

Step 4: Complete the Post-License Education Requirements

  • Salespersons must take a 25-hour Salesperson post-license course in their first year of licensure. The course taken must be one specifically approved by the Commission. Failure to complete a post-license course during the first year of being licensed will cause the license to lapse.

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