How Do I Obtain A Michigan Broker License?


Step 1
Have at least 3 years’ full-time experience as a real estate salesperson, or equivalent experience (Rule 205).
Note: if you have been a practicing attorney for 5 or more years you only must take 30hrs to become a licensed broker.

Step 2
Complete 90 hours of approved real estate coursework within 36 months of application, unless licensed continuously.

Step 3 
Go to to apply for a license. Upon accessing iCOLA, you will be asked to create an account, pay your license fee, and submit your license application electronically.

Step 4 
At this time you have successfully completed the 90-HR Course and the online application. The final step is where you will be registering with Psychological Services Incorporated or PSI for the Michigan Real Estate Salesperson Exam. The exam is:

  • $76.00 to register
  • Timed (180 minutes) to complete
  • Located in Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Holt, Marquette, and Southfield.

Once the exam is completed you will be notified immediately if you have passed or not. PSI will then import your exam data into your iCOLA record within 48 hours once you have passed.

How often do I have to renew my Michigan Real Estate Broker License?
First off, Congratulations on getting licensed! The renewal cycle for the Broker license takes place every three years on October 31. Realtors are required to complete 18-HRs of CE with 6 hours of those being legal updates.

Click here for a complete list of Michigan Real Estate courses.

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