Fair Housing, Agency, & Water Rights Legal Updates Package


6 Legal Updates Credits – You must take at least 2hrs per year | Online Video | No Tests 

  • 2 Hour Fair Housing
  • 2 Hour Agency
  • 2 Hour Water Rights
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  • 2 Hour Fair Housing
  • 2 Hour Agency
  • 2 Hour Water Rights


Fair Housing

Course Description

It is important to realize Fair Housing laws are very much a part of today’s real estate market. Both Federal and State governments employ “testers” to police the industry. Testing is not considered entrapment and the results are admissible in court. Fair Housing is the law of the land, and even in the face of some apparent exceptions, there is no room for discrimination of any sort in the business of housing.

Learning Objective:  Be able to discuss the history and development of civil rights and fair housing legislation, and apply that towards the goal of a discrimination-free business.

This course covers:

1. Civil Rights Act
2. Federal Fair Housing
3. ADA Requirements
4. Michigan Fair Housing
5. Complaints


Course Description

Real estate agents are subject to a broad range of legal and ethical requirements that are designed to protect buyers, sellers and the community at large. Buyers and sellers typically will delegate authority to a real estate broker to act as their agent when conducting real estate business. When this happens, an agency relationship has been created. This relationship falls under the domain of “law of agency”. This two-hour video course outlines the various types of agency and the standards of practice associated with each.

This Course Covers:

  • Levels of Agency
  • Broker Agency
  • Sellers Agency
  • Buyers Agency
  • Licensee Disclosure
  • Subagency
  • Dual Agency
  • Case Law



Water Rights

Course Description

With the increased demand for water frontage and access to water, its value has increased dramatically, which in turn has led to many efforts to buy up water frontage and develop it for specific projects. That goal is often at odds with the desire of the local governments and the DEQ to preserve natural areas and to protect the public’s access to the state’s water resources. These and other issues have made water law and riparian rights more and more prevalent in real estate transactions and litigation as opposing groups seek to use or redefine riparian rights, ownership of waterfront property, access to water, flowage rights along rivers and streams, and similar issues.

This Course Covers:

  • Riparian Rights
  • Rights of Property Owners Along a Road
  • Inland Lakes and Streams
  • Great Lakes, Oceans and Seas
  • Judicial System
  • Ground Water and Septage
  • Questions and Answers


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