Intro to Property Management and the Accidental Commercial Agent | Michigan CE Marketplace #066907


3 Elective Credit Hours | Online Video Class | No Tests
As Michigan real estate professionals, we are constantly seeking to grow our business. Property management and commercial real estate are two ways to grow, and each carries its own set of unique opportunities and challenges. This course will provide an insight and basic working knowledge into both to help you continue to grow.

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Instructor: Steve Carvelli

Property Management: Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of property management? Perhaps you have been on the leasing side of the business and have been presented opportunities to manage the property you have leased, or your investor clients desperately require the skills of a property manager to handle their portfolio. Maybe you just see the cash flow potential of managing a property and want to get on board with this flow. Whatever the reason, this course will outline the property management business.

The Accidental Commercial Agent: As agents and brokers, we grow our business and knowledge in steps. Perhaps we start our career with a mentor or as an administrative member of an instructional team. Maybe we start with rentals, then work with buyers while moving up to sales until we gain the confidence and the clients to extend into the commercial realm. If this describes you, then this course is for you. It will provide the agent with a basic working knowledge of the commercial environment; the practices, customs and ethical considerations therein.

After completing this course in its entirety, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the services and expectations that the property manager provides the landlord and the tenant.
  • Outline ethical considerations for the conduct and operation of a property management business.
  • To provide the agent with a basic working knowledge with the types and terms commonly discussed and used in commercial real estate.
  • To discuss and analyze ethical considerations in the commercial practice and how to incorporate these ethical considerations into a best practices doctrine and business model.


Property Management covers: 

  • Property Manager Definition and Role
  • Property Owner Services
  • Management Contract and Elements
  • Property Types
  • Tenant and Owner Relations
  • Rental Application, approval and Security Deposits
  • Knowing the Owners
  • Regulatory Environment and Fair Housing
  • Ethical Considerations and Best Practices


The Accidental Commercial Agent covers:

  • Residential vs. Commercial
  • Property Types
  • Commercial Entry Points
  • Agent Representation
  • Commissions
  • Leasing Terms, Types and Clauses
  • CAP Rate
  • Ethical Considerations


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