Legal Updates 2024 | Michigan CE Marketplace #081659


2 Legal Updates Credit Hours | Online Audio and Text Course| No Tests
The purpose of this course is to address the changes in Laws and Rules as it relates to the real estate industry in Michigan and to provide an understanding of a license holder's responsibilities and obligations related to rule changes, requirements, duties, and violations.

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Learning Objectives

  • Operate in accordance with current Michigan law
  • Promote and protect fair housing initiatives in Michigan
  • Understand the environmental impact to real property in Michigan from the use of PFAs
  • Understand the impact to real property of environmental issues and law specific to Michigan

This Course Covers:

  • Michigan Real Estate 2024 Legal Update:
         Recent changes to the laws and administrative rules of the state Michigan
  • Legislative Update for 2023-24:
         The latest court cases and rulings affecting the real estate profession in the state of Michigan
  • Legislative Updates 2023-24 (Cont.):
         Recent developments in fair housing and identity-based discrimination
  • New Federal Laws Rules and Executive Orders:
         Recent federal laws, rules, and regulations affecting the real estate profession in the state of Michigan
  • Civil Rights and Fair Housing:
         Michigan state and federal laws affecting civil rights and fair housing.
  • Pollution, PFAs, and Brownfield Redevelopment:
         Environmental matters, specifically many related to the use and impact of PFAs in the state of Michigan
  • Environmental Issues – Michigan-specific Laws:
         Michigan-specific laws and issues impacting the state
  • 2023 Michigan Court Cases:
         Developments in Michigan court action.