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0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
What are your responsibilities to the home buyer, seller, neighborhood or community?  Find answers to these questions and more as we take a broad look at the range of legal and ethical requirements a real estate agent.

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Instructor: Gwyn Besner

Real estate agents are subject to a broad range of legal and ethical requirements that are designed to protect buyers, sellers and the community at large. Buyers and sellers typically will delegate authority to a real estate broker to act as their agent when conducting real estate business. When this happens, an agency relationship has been created. This relationship falls under the domain of "law of agency". This two-hour video course outlines the various types of agency and the standards of practice associated with each.

This Course Covers:

  • Levels of Agency
  • Broker Agency
  • Sellers Agency
  • Buyers Agency
  • Licensee Disclosure
  • Subagency
  • Dual Agency
  • Case Law