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COVID-19 Brings Remote Notarization Changes to Colorado

Despite an improving market outlook, with new listings increasing by 53% compared to April and interest rates dropping, we’re all still in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re still working with clients who insist on doing things from the safety of their homes, an important bill concerning remote notarization recently passed in the Colorado General Assembly.

Since March 27, an executive order allowed for a temporary suspension of the notary’s personal appearance requirement. But recently, a new bill passed that both extended the remote notary ability to the end of the year and made it permanent starting on January 1st, 2022.

Unlike many other states who already allow remote notarization, Colorado is putting a specific emphasis on privacy. The new bill, “prohibits the use or sale of personal information of a remotely located individual by a remote notary and the provider of a remote notarization system…” So, you can assure your clients that their private information is safe if they choose to use a remote notary.

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