Using Drones to Spruce Up Your Listings

The real estate business is changing. The market is increasingly competitive and most prospective home buyers check online listings before contacting an agent or viewing homes in person. Drones can help your online listings leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

How do I use drones to enhance my real estate listings?

Drones are a great tool for capturing the scope of homes and properties. For example, drones can be used to provide a moving tour through the inside of large homes, giving prospective buyers a much better idea of property layout and dimensions than photos. Drones are also useful for displaying properties with magnificent views or large yards. Often drones are used to take video or pictures from high altitudes to capture a full view of the yard in relation to natural surroundings such as lakes or woods. The photo above is a particularly dramatic example of using a drone to capture the magnitude and beauty of properties.

Should you take your own drone photos?

Many real estate professionals choose to take their own drone photos due to the costs and hassle of hiring a drone pilot. A few of the key motivators are listed below.

  • Certified drone pilots can cost up to $200/hour – this adds up quickly once you consider travel time between properties.
  • As a real estate professional, you are already accommodate the schedules of property buyers and sellers.  You don’t have to be subject to the drone pilot’s schedule as well- if you get your own certification you can take photos on your own time.

Do I have to follow any regulations to use drones for my real estate listings?

Yes, all commercial drone pilots must possess a Remote Pilot in Command Certificate which can be obtained by passing the FAA Remote Pilot in Command Exam.

  1. Pay the $5 fee and register any aircraft that weighs more than 0.55lbs.
  2. Pass the $150 Small UAS Remote Pilot Exam – exam prep is available here.
  3. Pass a TSA background check
  4. File FAA Form 8710-13

Is there exam prep available to help me study for the FAA Remote Pilot in Command Exam?

Yes! Real Estate Training Institute has created an online HD video FAA Remote Pilot Exam Prep Program with licensed real estate agent and certified drone pilot, Greg McMaster. This course is available 24/7 from any internet capable device so you can study on your own time!